Naples doctor sharing his story after returning from Ukraine

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Naples Doctor Dunavant
Dr. Scott Dunavant

Doctors from halfway around the world have been bringing their knowledge and skills to aid in the effort in Ukraine. A Naples doctor is back home from his journey to the country to provide humanitarian aid.

As the humanitarian crisis rages on, we are seeing a lot of humanity. A doctor from Naples has returned home from the frontlines.

Dr. Scott Dunavant works at NCH as an ER physician and was part of a mission with Global Response Management. He says what’s happening in Ukraine is as bad as what you see in the news, if not worse.

“There is no question that lives would be lost if Global Response Management was not there. There is no question,” said Dunavant.

Dunavant says Global Response Management, a Florida-based humanitarian group, is the only one the Ukrainian Ministry of Health has approved to perform surgeries.

“No one has done anywhere near the number of frontline surgeries that GRM has done,” said Dunavant.

He said the group performed more than 170 surgeries in difficult conditions. Dunavant said there was no heat at the hospital, windows were shot out and there was no running water.

“They had locals go out and basically scoop up large amounts of water out of lakes and bring in tubs and they would then try to filter or do whatever with that,” said Dunavant.

The reason for the lack of water, a Russian hack. The war-torn country is still under siege. Thankfully, Dr. Dunavant said he never had to take shelter.

“Things calmed down some we were still getting air raid sirens frequently, we were still hearing shelling,” Dunavant said.

Dunavant said when they would hear that he would look to his team leader, a Green Beret medic with a discerning ear.

“He would be able to tell you like that’s outgoing that’s us, those are Ukrainians firing back,” said Dunavant.

Global Response Management has a three-fold mission in Ukraine; medevac, support surgical teams at hospitals and provide training for traumatic injuries.

“It could be from small arms fire it could be from high caliber weaponry or it could be from shrapnel or ordnances that can go off,” said Dunavant.

GRM has been in Ukraine since day three of the invasion. Teams are providing hands-on help wherever they’re needed most.

If you would like to help, Global Response Management says monetary donations are best. You can learn more about how to help by clicking here.

Dr. Duavant said he will likely return to Ukraine to continue to help those in need.

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