Study shows cranberries can benefit health

Reporter: Amy Oshier
Cranberries can benefit your health, according to a study. (CREDIT: WINK News)

Consuming cranberries daily can have more benefits for your body.

Researchers have said it can improve urinary tract health and maintain gut bacteria.

But now it can also improve your health.

Jency Emo is well-aware of its potential benefits for urinary health but didn’t realize it could also give her heart a boost.

“That’s great so there’s an added bonus,” Emo said.

A new clinical trial found freeze-dried cranberry powder offers cardiovascular benefits. In a concentrated form, it improved blood flow by widening or dilating the blood vessel.

“Vasodilation is simply the opening up of the vessel,” said Dr. Melinea Holma, whose practice Center for Health & Healing in Lee County focuses on holistic medicine.

Holman focuses on natural options in her practice.

She said food sources can help in opening up the blood vessels.

“A vessel is a muscle. So when we are stressed, it gets tight, tight tight. So vasodilation is opening it up, allowing the blood to get to where it has to be. So it’s not just a vasodilation for the heart, but it could be a vasodilator for everything,” Holman said.

The trial supports the benefit of taking two packets whole cranberry freeze-dried powder, which equals 1 cup of fresh cranberries, per day.

It compared the results to a placebo group that didn’t get cranberry and had no improvement in blood flow.

While not a miracle cure, this may be cranberry’s moment to shine.

“It’s getting its star right now, it gets people are starting to learn about it. And that’s what’s good about getting those super trends,” Holman said.

The benefits were measured just one month after taking the cranberry powder and seem to have both immediate and long-term benefits.

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