Bear cub seen roaming Mercato shops in North Naples

Reporter: Jennifer Morejon
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bear cub
A bear is seen roaming the Mercato Shops in North Naples.

A young bear was caught on camera roaming around the Mercato Shops in North Naples.

The bear was seen on Wednesday at around dinner time.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said right now bear cubs are growing up and trying to get away from their mothers to become independent.

They are on the search for a new home and that could be a reason why the bear cup was roaming the busy shopping destination.

“That is crazy, I mean we used to live in Naples Park and it would be very concerning if there was a bear in our front yard but hopefully it’s not a danger,” said Vanessa Fara, a Naples resident.

The cub shocked shoppers and diners alike.

Employees who were working Wednesday night said the bear came out of nowhere and then quickly disappeared before the FWC arrived.

A bear management program biologist with FWC came out to look for the bear but it was long gone.

“I heard there was a bear, keep an eye out because I do alot of walking around Whole Foods and Mercato itself but I didn’t get to see it,” said Naples resident Thomas Morrison.

The bear doesn’t bother Morrison even though he does a lot of walking in the area.

A bear is seen roaming the Mercato Shops in North Naples.

“It may bother other people. You don’t mess with a bear, the bear won’t mess with you. I understand this is a different scenario because he is in a populated area,” Morrison said.

There are some wooded areas around Mercato. Some believe that’s where the young bear may be hiding.

The FWC said staff is keeping an eye on the area in case the bear returns.

They said if you see bear don’t approach it and make sure you give the animal space.

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