Cape Coral police search for 2 who stole gun from Target

Writer: Derrick Shaw
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gun theft
Cape Coral police say they two are suspected in a gun theft at Target.

The search is on for two people police say stole a gun from Target.

It all started after a customer left their bag in a cart on Wednesday night.

The shopper was putting away their items in their and accidentally left a small black bag inside their shopping cart when they drove off.

Cape Coral police said the customer had a loaded handgun inside the bag.

And even though an employee brought it to customer service, police said a man and a woman were able to take the bag from customer service after making up a story.

Police said the two saw what was happening and walked up and asked if anyone found their black bag.

Shoppers were surprised the bag was just handed over.

“Yeah, that they turned it over without any form of like that they owned the purse, any identification,” said Cape Coral resident Rylie Barker.

The police report indicates a woman looked through the bag and indicated it was hers and walked out.

Still some shoppers didn’t understand why anyone would be carrying while doing their shopping.

“What do you need to protect yourself from shopping at Target or shopping at Publix or just being around in general,” said Cape Coral resident Andrew G. “I think nowadays, people are just a little bit too on edge kind of makes everything dangerous.”

Others said they understand why people choose to carry especially after recent mass shootings.

“Personally, I think it’s OK for people to carry, as long as they’re responsible with it,” Barker said.

Cape Coral police said they have leads they’re investigating about who the suspects may be.

They are asking for tips if you know who the suspects are. You can call Cape Coral police or SWFL Crime Stoppers.

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