Charlotte County neighborhood upset over church’s 5G tower proposal

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Charlotte County Church Tower
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Frustrations are growing over plans to build a cell tower in a Charlotte County neighborhood. A church is proposing the tower.

People living near Faith Life Church are upset after the church proposed a cell phone tower in their neighborhood to accommodate 5G equipment.

A meeting was held Wednesday morning and the applicant, Tillman Infrastructure, LLC., requested a special exception to allow a 125-foot tall communications tower in a residential single-family zoning district.

Proposed tower location.

The applicants’ attorney said the tower will not have lights, will not generate noise, and will not impact the public in terms of safety.

Residents like Scott OConnell disagree. “They told us don’t bring up health conditions because it hasn’t been proven. Well, are we going to be the guinea pigs? Are we going to be the ones to prove it? That’s what it comes down to,” said OConnell.

Another attorney representing an existing tower nearby said they’re already working towards getting it revamped for 5G service, but the board approved the new proposed tower 2-1.

“When it comes down to is the neighborhood is a small community. The church is a small community. The church has taken the choice of money over the people in the neighborhood. It’s sad,” said OConnell.

Michael Brady is disappointed but said he knew it was a done deal already. “This is nothing more than a money-making thing for one organization,” said Brady. “But that’s where we’re at in this environment. There’s not much we can do to change it. And I have a sad feeling that it’s going to get worse before it gets better.”

WINK News reached out to Faith Life church to ask how much the project will cost but did not hear back.

The church’s tower will house 5G equipment for T-Mobile, but other companies like AT&T and Verizon will be allowed to rent space on the tower.

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