SWFL reacts to Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade

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SWFL hears reactions from both sides after Roe v. Wade was overturned.

Right now people who disagree with the Supreme Court decision are gathering in downtown Fort Myers to have their voices heard.

Organizers said their rally will be safe and peaceful but solemn and not to look for a lot of signs as they want to keep a somber tone.

The march is a group effort amongst the Southwest Florida Red Cloaks, Women’s March Fort Myers and Florida, all groups that advocate in support the overturned Roe v Wade.

This rally has been planned for weeks now, they just didn’t know if it would be celebratory or sour.

Amanda Patterson of the Southwest Florida Red Cloaks did not hold back her disdain for the supreme court.

“As much we were expecting it, it didn’t soften the blow to wake up today and go back 50 years in history, it’s not kind of time travel I’m interested in,” Patterson said.

Neither did Nancy Terreri, president of Lee County NOW, the local chapter for the National Organization for Women.

“It just doesn’t seem believable, that we could have people sitting there in robes making decisions like this about our bodies,” Terreri said.

Terreri said she marched for women’s rights before roe became the law of the land in 1973. She witnessed friends get abortions before the ruling and after.

“To see the difference between these two young women both making a similar choice in their life and one putting her life at risk and the other one, you know, being able to have a safe medical abortion,” Patterson said.

Patterson said she has faced the decision herself.

“I’ve had two abortions myself, and my life wouldn’t be where it was if I hadn’t had that option. So it truly saved my life and my future,” Patterson said.

Kari Lerner, the chair of the democratic party in Lee County answered this way.

“The thoughts are that there will be states that will need to be set up as safe havens… Where women can be protected. And I mean, I guess there’ll be a new underground railroad where you seek out reproductive freedoms,” Lerner said.

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