Seven more victims identified in the Sanibel Beach voyeurism footage

Reporter: Claire Galt Writer: Paul Dolan
Dana Caruso is accused of placing a hidden camera in a public bathroom on Sanibel. (CREDIT: WINK News)

More victims have been revealed after police said a man put hidden cameras inside two Sanibel Beach bathrooms.

Detectives tracked down victims by relying on the surveillance video from Bowman Beach outside the public bathrooms. Detectives have asked that anyone who used the bathrooms at Bowman Beach on July 28, contact the Sanibel Police department.

As of Monday afternoon Dana Caruso, 58, is a free man. But Caruso has been charged with a very serious crime, and Sanibel police are working around the clock to build as solid of a case that Caruso planted cameras in the Sanibel Beach bathrooms.

Detectives said Caruso sat outside the restrooms for days and planted the camera inside a fake fire alarm. Caruso would then check it after anyone man, woman, or child used the bathroom.

Sanibel police say there are 276 videos that feature 55 victims. Police have identified seven more victims after originally identifying only eight victims.

Police Chief William Dalton told WINK News it’s a painstaking process monitoring surveillance video and putting names to faces.

“He’s working hard at it,” Dalton said. “You know, he’s trying to identify as many people as he can.”

The city manager, Dana Saruzo, told WINK News some cities do have the technology to scan for audio or video recording devices inside of public areas, but Sanibel doesn’t. For the time being, there isn’t a plan in place to get that kind of technology.

“Had it not been because of this awareness that they demonstrated and then notify the police department, that camera could have been there for who knows how long, the suspect could still be at large,” Saruzo said.

“This was just an instance in which somebody really in a very devious way went about video and people in a way that large majority of society would never consider doing,” Dalton said.

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