Doctor delivers sister’s baby at home during Hurricane Ian

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It’s an understatement to say Hurricane Ian threw everyone’s plans into turmoil, but when it comes to having a baby, some things just can’t wait.

To say that Delayna Horsford has a strong bond with her niece would be an understatement. These two bonded at the baby’s birth.

“I was there for at least part of all of the deliveries for my sister so far. But of course, I have not personally delivered any of them except for baby Justice, or Stormy, as I think she will forever be known,” said Dr. Delayna Horsford, a doctor of family medicine with Lee Health.

Horsford delivered her sister Chelsea Harris’ baby. Harris stayed with Horsford to weather Hurricane Ian. She was nine months pregnant, and the two joked there might be a hurricane baby. Then it became a reality.

“I think that this was kind of like, well, this inevitable. I’m just going to have to get through this,” said Harris.

With the storm raging, the baby decided to steal the thunder. With the electricity already out, lit by flashlights, Horsford rolled up her sleeves and got to work.

“Just seeing all of the debris flying everywhere, the trees being uprooted was definitely not the most ideal circumstances outside. But inside the house, we seemed to be doing well,” said Horsford.

Horsford is a doctor, but she specializes in family medicine. She’s delivered babies before, but never outside a hospital.

“It was kind of interesting going between I am her sister and, in the moment, I’m kind of her doctor. And in all honesty, to get my mind right, I put on my scrubs,” Horsford said.

“Honestly, her calmness kind of helped me calm down when I got to the point, of course, like being worked up and like this is really happening,” said Harris.

It was not the birth anyone had planned for, but everyone is doing fine, and Stormy is making a splash with the rest of her family.

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