2 women accuse Naples doctor of rape during cosmetic procedures

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A Naples doctor was arrested Monday night after two women say he raped them during cosmetic procedures at a spa.

According to the Naples Police Department, Dr. Eric Salata, 54, was arrested at around 8:30 p.m. following an investigation into two different rape accusations.

On Oct. 24, an NPD detective met with a 51-year-old woman at Project HELP for an interview.

She told the detective that on Oct. 22, she went to Pura Vida Medical Spa, located at 350 5th Ave. S., for a cosmetic medical treatment called “Ultherapy.” The woman said she was raped by Salata during her procedure and used Salata’s website to identify him as her doctor.

The woman said she had a consultation the day before her appointment. Salata prescribed her Alprazolam and instructed her to take it when she arrived for her procedure, as the procedure would be excruciatingly painful and would take three to four hours. She followed his instructions and said Salata was the only one in the room during the procedure. He also administered laughing gas to help with the pain.

The woman told police said she wasn’t in her right mind due to the Alprazolam and the laughing gas, but she was aware of what was happening and felt Salata use his hand to grab her genitals and shake her. When she asked Salata if he was touching her vagina, he quickly removed his hand and told her to use more laughing gas because it would help with the pain. The woman said she used more laughing gas because she was in so much pain. Salata told her he had experienced the procedure and knew how painful it was, and drank whisky to help with the pain.

When the woman said she doesn’t drink whisky, Salata offered her tequila instead. He gave her an unknown clear liquid that she believed to be tequila, and she drank it, after which she blacked out. The next memory she had was of waking up to find Salata performing oral sex on her before she fell unconscious again. After that, she recalled feeling “tremendous pressure” before opening her eyes to see him penetrating her with his penis.

Pura Vida Medical Spa

She said she told Salata, “My brain won’t let me do it,” to which he replied, “You’re a smart girl.” The woman blacked out again.

The woman said she was not dreaming, remembered everything that happened when she was conscious and did not consent to Salata grabbing her vagina, performing oral sex or having sex with her.

On Monday, a detective went to Project HELP to meet with a 72-year-old woman who had gone to Pura Vida Medical Spa that day for a cosmetic medical treatment called “cool sculpting.” The woman said she was raped by Salata during her procedure and showed the detective Salata’s website to identify him as her doctor.

The woman said she put on the equipment to start the cool sculpting, and when it was done, Salata came in to remove the equipment and massage the area. When he was massaging her, it really hurt, and Salata offered her laughing gas to help with the pain. She agreed to the laughing gas, and then the cool sculpting process was done again on another area of her legs. When the procedure was over the second time, Salata said he would massage her again and would stop looking at her face.

The woman said it felt like Salata was cranking up the laughing gas, and within a couple of seconds of massaging her legs, he was lying on top of her, raping her. She said she got a bruise on her lip from where Salata kissed her. She still had her bra on, and Salata pulled her breast out, caressing it hard with his mouth.

“I couldn’t believe it,” the woman said.

She said she was awake and alert the entire time, and Salata was on top of her for around 10 to 15 seconds.

Salata asked the woman if she needed to go to the bathroom. When she did, she wiped herself with tissue, then saw and smelled semen on the tissue. The woman said she did not consent to Salata having sex with her.

Salata was transported to the Naples Police Department. He faces two counts of sexual battery. Naples police said they don’t have reason to believe there are more victims, but if anyone has information, they should call the Naples Police Department.

At Pura Vida Medical Spa, it was business as usual. No one wanted to comment on Salata’s arrest.

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