Cape Coral Elementary crossing guard warns of missing school zone light

Reporter: Kellie Miller Writer: Joey Pellegrino

After WINK News’ previous story about drivers speeding near Cape Coral Elementary School, many of our viewers reached out with further concerns. A crossing guard says speeding will continue to be a problem until a more significant issue is fixed.

A school zone light pole can be seen at the corner of Vincennes Boulevard and Coronado Parkway, but another light is missing. Linda Mulch, the crossing guard who stands there every day, says she wants some answers for the sake of students’ safety.

“People just don’t care,” Mulch said. “I mean, sometimes they whiz by me, and I’m standing in the middle of the street with my sign in the air, so they just don’t care.”

Mulch has volunteered as a Cape Coral crossing guard for around three years. She saw WINK’s story sharing Clarice Campbell’s concerns about speeding drivers around Cape Coral Elementary.

“I’m concerned about the kids’ safety,” Campbell said. “People will be doing 40, 50, 60 miles an hour down this road, and it’s a 20-mile-an-hour speed zone.”

Shortly after seeing that, Mulch emailed WINK News about the issue of the missing school zone light pole on Coronado Parkway.

“Not just the light fixture itself; the whole thing is gone,” Mulch said.

Hurricane Ian destroyed the light pole. Mulch says she has reported it to Cape Coral city officials and to Lee County but has not gotten any answers. WINK reached out to both and verified that both the city and the county are aware.

Coronado Parkway is maintained by the city, but the Lee County Department of Transportation is leading the effort to fix the pole. Right now, it’s a waiting game: The county says the replacement must go through a design and permitting process before it can be installed. It’s unclear how long that may take.

“I see some of the same cars and trucks all the time, but they just pay no attention,” Mulch said.

Mulch hopes this area of Cape Coral is prioritized for the sake of the hundreds of children who walk to and from school.

“There are so many out-of-town cars right here now to help after the hurricane,” Mulch said. “And those people obviously don’t know that this is a school zone, but the local people know.”

On a positive note, Clarice Campbell says she has seen more police officers patrolling the area to enforce the speed limit. WINK News will continue to monitor the light pole’s progress and future issues with speeders.

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