2nd Warmest February in Fort Myers & Looking Ahead to March

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If you thought February was warm across southwest Florida, well you were right! Fort Myers reported its 2nd warmest February on record, as our average temperature, a combination of the morning low & afternoon high, was 73.7°. The only February hotter was in 2018, with an average temperature of 74.9°.

The image below details just how warm each city was above normal. As noted, Fort Myers reported their 2nd warmest February, Naples reported their 3rd warmest and Punta Gorda with their 5th warmest.

The calendar doesn’t lie! Look at all that red, denoting above average high temperatures. In fact, Fort Myers had 26 days of warmer than normal temperatures, 2 with record heat on the 23rd & 24th, and only 2 days that were below average.

Along with the warmth felt across southwest Florida, we also had very little to no rainfall throughout the month. Fort Myers reported only 0.07″ of rain. This averaged out to their 5th driest February on record. Punta Gorda totaled only 0.16″ of rain, whereas Naples was rain free for the entire month!

As we look ahead to the month of March, the CPC, or Climate Prediction Center is expecting warmer than average temperatures for all of Florida! The heat is likely to continue for much of the month, as high temperatures will likely remain above the average of 80°. While cold fronts are still possible with brief relief, stretches of warmer than normal air will likely continue.

Below are a few stats for this month. We increase our high temps by 3°, our low temps by 5°, gain nearly 47 minutes of daylight and average just over 2″ of rain.

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