Second family unknowingly buys sick puppies from PetLand Naples

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Another family was upset after buying dogs from PetLand Naples and later finding out they were sick.

Two sisters told WINK News they brought home two new family members only to find out the puppies were sick with parasites. It became a financial and emotional burden.

When Samantha Vizena and her sister Jasmine saw the WINK News story about Justin Roberts, the man who purchased a puppy from PetLand Naples only to find out it was sick, they thought it sounded familiar.

“I feel so bad for the other family,” Samantha said.

Samantha and Jasmine both purchased puppies from PetLand Naples in July 2021. Samantha picked Bailey, a miniature Schnauzzie, while Jasmine picked Nala, a poodle.

Within just a few days, however, the sisters began noticing something was wrong with both of their dogs.

“She was having serious diarrhea, very loose stools,” Samantha said.

“She starts getting sick; I find out she has parasites,” Jasmine said.

Vet records show the dogs had a parasite called Giardia.

According to the CDC, Giardia can be transmitted to other dogs and humans.

“It was heartbreaking. Because she’s my best friend, you know, she’s an emotional support dog. She’s one of the best animals I’ve ever met,” Jasmine said.

Nala was treated for parasites and eventually recovered.

Baily also recovered from parasites but continued having issues.

Miniature schnauzer Bailey. Credit: WINK News

“She was passing out, hyper, salivating, couldn’t couldn’t keep her eyes open,” Samantha said.

“Since Samantha got Baily from Petland, the dog has had recurrent problems with intestinal parasites, both Giardia and Coccidia. She has episodes where she will become increasingly agitated and hyperventilate and hypersalivate,” says a word-for-word case summary from Southwest Florida Veterinary Specialists from Nov. 2021.

“We love our dogs as if they were our own kids; we take care of them,” Samantha said. “These dogs deserve a healthy, happy chance, not having to spend the first six months of their life fighting for their life.”

Jasmine and Samantha told WINK News they never placed a complaint with PetLand because, in the puppy warranty, it says PetLand Naples will give credit towards buying another puppy.

“Why would I have you give me the money back for the amount that I paid for this dog, so that I can go purchase another dog from your facility?” Samantha said. “I am already dealing with health issues for a dog that I absolutely adore and wouldn’t trade her for the world,” Samantha said.

WINK News reached out to PetLand Naples about the puppies. The response:

“PetLand Naples was unaware of the health issues these puppies faced since they were taken home by their owners two years ago. If our Naples location had been notified, we would have offered assistance to the family. Hundreds of puppies have been taken home by Naples and Southwest Florida families since we opened our doors to the community.”

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