Wisner Demaret, accused of killing FMPD officer, continued jury selection for death penalty case

Reporter: Claire Galt Writer: Paul Dolan
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The man accused of murdering Adam Jobbers-Miller, a Fort Myers police officer, is choosing his jury.

Wisner Demaret is representing himself in his death penalty trial. And during jury selection on Tuesday, he started making some wild claims.

The accused cop killer told the panel of prospective jurors that the state is out to get him. Desmaret’s explanation is the state attorney, the woman in charge of the death penalty case, is transgender.

“There’s a transgender prosecuting me,” Desmaret said.

But Desmaret didn’t stop there.

“A lot of prejudice and racism,” Desmaret said.

Raising doubts about credibility.

“I want to see credentials on everything,” Desmaret said.

During the second day of jury selection, Desmaret had a target.

“Go back home and laugh about him and try to laugh and say we are trying to put him down to death because of his race and gender and religion,” Desmaret said.

And then began talking about State Attorney Amira Fox.

“She’s just sitting back and laughing,” Desmaret said.

Desmaret is accused of shooting FMPD officer Adam Jobbers-Miller in the head in 2018.

“I’m not guilty of murder,” Desmaret said.

On Tuesday, Desmaret told the prospective jurors the state is fabricating evidence. Even asked them if the state attorney had paid them off. He also asked if they were prejudiced.

“Do you have a preference gender, like if somebody straight or something,” Desmaret asked.

Then telling the prospective jurors that Amira Fox is a man.

“That is a man that is dressed like a woman,” Desmaret said.

WINK News asked Desmaret’s brother, Jimy Mera, about the accusation made against Fox.

“My brother has mental issues, and they know that there’s nothing more to it,” Mera said.

But Mera stands by his belief that his brother didn’t kill anyone.

“I know him personally and it’s not matching it’s just not matching,” Mera said.

Despite his history of mental illness, after several court-ordered evaluations, the judge granted Demaret the right to act as his own attorney.

Desmaret told the court he believed all of the potential jurors have heard bad things about him on the news or from people in the community. As a result, he doesn’t think any of them are suitable to be a juror.

Despite those claims the judge said he hopes to have jury selected by Thursday.

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