Final phase of Burnt Store Road project

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Significant improvements for a busy road are finished, but some are concerned. Expanding a 4.5-mile stretch of Burt Store Road in Cape Coral to four lanes.

The construction should make it easier for commuters to navigate Cape Coral while easing some rush hour frustration.

After WINK News broadcasted a story about Burt Store Rd., John Flemming expressed concerns regarding the next construction phase. Flemming is the President of the Burt Store Corridor Coalition, which means he’s got vested interest in what’s happening.

Flemming said he’s worried phase two of the widening project will stretch to the Lee and Charlotte County line and may not feature what people there need.

Passing Van Buren Parkway in Cape Coral, you’ll approach the Lee and Charlotte County lines. That’s where Burnt Store Rd. is reduced to two lanes, and the next construction phase is set to occur. And it’s what Flemming explained is necessary.

“The cars are going faster and faster and faster, which means the reaction time for people leaving these communities north is getting less and less,” Flemming said.

And that’s why Flemming believes that stretch of road is a liability for the time being. He wants phase two to kick in immediately since phase one is finished.

“We call this to burn store road row, airport road because traffic is flying down,” Flemming said.

Flemming saw the WINK News story on Thursday and reached out because he was worried about what may not be included in phase two. On Friday, he told WINK News the design must include a signal at Burnt Store Rd. and Vincent Avenue intersection. And northbound access for people leaving the Marina to keep traffic flowing.

“All of that traffic coming down will not be allowed to come down here and make a left. They’ll have to make a right this way. That means they drive into the Lakes Community on substandard roads, it’s going to be a lot of dangers to the people who walk around the community because we have no sidewalks,” Flemming said.

Flemming explained those features are important because more gated communities are set to be built there. WINK News was told it would take ten years to complete phase two.

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