Survey: Florida ranks 3rd in lowest percentage of adult non-swimmers

Writer: Nicholas Karsen
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In Florida, swimming comes with the territory. A recent poll by Poolonomics, which surveyed the country, found that the state has the third-lowest percentage of adult non-swimmers.

According to the surveyor, nearly 3,000 adults across the United States were asked whether they could swim; nearly 17% answered no.

In Florida, 11.1% of the people surveyed stated they did not know how to swim.

New Jersey had the lowest per capita percentage of people who did not know how to swim, at 8.6%.

Alaska ranked the highest per capita at 25%.

Some of the study’s key findings suggested that coastal states do not show a higher swimming proficiency, indicating that proximity to water bodies is not necessarily a correlating factor. 

The study then continued to mention that future analysis was needed to explore factors like cultural norms, educational opportunities, and public policy regarding water safety.

In Southwest Florida, for those who want to learn how to swim but are fearful that the cost is too overwhelming, our local counties offer swimming lessons at a reduced cost.

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