Changes coming to HOA rules

Reporter: Asha Patel
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There are two bills going into effect next month that will impact homeowners’ associations.

Pracilla Pedu knows exactly how it is to live in a homeowners association community, also known as an HOA.

“I pretty much always lived in an HOA community,” said Pedu.

She has to follow strict rules with many limitations.

“Where I live, you have to belong to the master HOA and a preserve HOA, and I’m expecting some changes,” said Pedu.

And she definitely will see changes starting on July 1, when a new Florida law goes into effect regarding what HOAs can’t do to homeowners anymore.

“HOA’s have good points and bad points to them,” said Pedu.

The list is long but to name a few HOA’s can no longer fine residents for leaving up holiday lights or decorations past the HOAs rules without prior notice. They can no longer ban contractors or workers from the homeowner property, and that’s something Pedu is really happy about.

Residents will no longer get fined for leaving garbage cans at the curb within 24 hours of a scheduled trash collection.

“I go out and pick my garbage can up every morning but if I had to be away for a couple days, people in the neighborhood go out and pick them for me. Some of these things are picky,” said Pedu.

The governor signed the bill to give HOA residents relief from fines because, over time, they do add up.

The people WINK News spoke to agree with Pedu. HOAs are picky, and there is more that a new law will prohibit HOAs from doing to residents.

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