Understanding Mosquito Control: Low-flying plane operations explained

Reporter: Asha Patel
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Mosquitos are the reason why low-flying planes flew back and forth over homes over the weekend. Many people were worrying on the ground and wondered what was happening.

All those people wondering may have led to Mosquito Control letting people know about the flights they were taking.

But, if you want that access at your fingertips, you can add your number to their call list, and you’ll get a text message or phone call when those flights are in your neighborhood.

“We do have a problem right now that’s expected with all the rain we have had. This isn’t a surprise to us,” said Jenifer McBride from the Lee County Mosquito Control.

And the problem she’s talking about is mosquitos.

“When you hear those planes coming low, it’s scary. So basically, that’s where we have to treat to be able to kill those mosquitos, to knock them down, we have to travel a certain height,” said McBride.

So don’t worry, that’s why you see the planes flying lowly.

(Credit: Lee County Mosquito Control District)

Six planes fly across Lee County at sunset. They spray areas where biologists have analyzed during the day to find the most mosquitos.

McBride showed WINK News how many trucks and planes are getting ready for the next flight to tackle the mosquito mania.

FlightRadar24 shows the exact path of the planes from last weekend.

McBride explained the plan for this week.

“Coming inland. Lehigh, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, ground and aerial treatment,” said McBride.

If you see any of those low-flying planes during the week, know they’re taking care of the mosquitos. But as a reminder, you will encounter the most mosquitos in the early morning and evening hours, so be sure to wear long sleeves and repellent.

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