Professional Experience

Joined the WINK News Weather team in January of 2020. Previously served as the morning meteorologist in 2019 for WeatherNation, and was the chief meteorologist for KREX NewsChannel 5 in Grand Junction, CO from 2013 - 2018.

Awards and Recognition

My work on the weather wall and in the field was honored by Grand Junction's 'Best of the West'.

News Philosophy

I worry about the weather, so you don't have to, because you have better things to do.

Hobbies, Interest & Community Involvement

Obviously, I'm a weather nerd... but I'm also a father to two amazing boys, and a lucky husband to a beautiful wife, Ronelle. I enjoy spending time with my family at the beach and all the other amazing areas that SW Florida has to offer. I'm also an avid surfer and lover of the ocean. I like to boat, fish and dive. But my favorite activity is being a dad and husband.


BS in meteorology with a minor in mathematics from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2011

Interesting Fact

I'm left-handed!!

Likes best about Southwest Florida

The beaches, the weather and the people!!


Fort Lauderdale, Fla.!!!


Have you ever heard of ENSO? El Nino – Southern Oscillation is a naturally set of re-occurring climate patterns involving changes in water temperatures across the central and eastern tropical Pacific Ocean. This fluctuation between warmer and cooler than average water temperatures directly impacts weather across the country. Roughly every 2 – 7 years, sea […]

2nd Warmest February in Fort Myers & Looking Ahead to March

If you thought February was warm across southwest Florida, well you were right! Fort Myers reported its 2nd warmest February on record, as our average temperature, a combination of the morning low & afternoon high, was 73.7°. The only February hotter was in 2018, with an average temperature of 74.9°. The image below details just […]

NOAA’S winter outlook issued Thursday; La Niña expected through winter

As La Niña is expected to remain for the third consecutive winter, NOAA, or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, has issued its 2022 winter outlook. The winter outlook was released through the CPC, or Climate Prediction Center, which is a sub-division of the National Weather Service. Typically with La Niña, this favors a warmer-than-average […]

Perseid meteor shower battles a supermoon Aug. 11

PERSEID METEOR SHOWER AND A SUPERMOON Heads up, Southwest Florida… literally! One of the best astronomical events of the year takes place soon. The Perseid meteor shower will light up the sky this week, with the peak occurring from Thursday into early Friday. NASA expects the Perseids to light up the sky—on a normal year, […]

CSU, NOAA lower number of expected hurricanes, still calls for active season

Both NOAA, the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, and CSU, Colorado State University, updated their forecast on Thursday for the remainder of the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season. Here’s the very latest from NOAA. As you can see from their previous forecast, they have slightly decreased the seasonal outlook in total tropical storms from 14 – […]

When will the Atlantic wake up?

It’s been nearly a month since the the last named storm formed in the Atlantic Basin, with Colin passing along coastal portions of the Carolinas in early July. Since then, the Atlantic has gone into a deep slumber, with strong wind shear, dry air, and Saharan Dust shutting down the basin. It has been 30 […]


What is Saharan dust?

Have you ever been curious as to what Saharan Dust is, sometimes referred to as Saharan Air Layer? Here are a few facts that you should know about the yearly event! THE CAUSE: As you may have guessed, Saharan Dust originates from the Saharan Desert, which is located throughout most of northern Africa. It is […]

Tropical Storm Fred Forms; Southwest Florida in the cone

Tropical Storm Fred has formed south of Puerto Rico. As of 11 p.m. Tuesday, Fred has sustained winds of 40 mph, and is moving to the WNW at 17 mph. Fred will move west-northwest through NE Caribbean. By Thursday and into Friday, it will pass just north of Cuba and into the southern Bahamas. By […]