Hurricane Center

Storm Coverage

Before the storm

Review your insurance

The damage left in the wake of Hurricane Ian permanently changed landscapes, livelihoods, and lives. But Ian and other recent storms have also done major, if less immediately visible, damage to the insurance industry in Florida. And those effects are still reverberating for insurance companies and homeowners. “I’ve been a Florida insurance agent for 28 […]

Here are hurricane terms to know ahead of the 2024 season

Center: The vertical axis of a tropical cyclone, usually defined by the location of minimum wind or minimum pressure. El Niño: The abnormal weather pattern caused by warmer-than-normal water in the central and eastern Pacific along the equator. When the tropical Pacific is warmer than normal, winds at upper levels (about 30,000 feet) of the […]

Preparing your family

MAKE A FAMILY COMMUNICATION PLAN Even the best plans can go astray when disaster strikes. If your family members are not all in the same place when a hurricane hits, have you considered how you’ll get in touch with each other? Do you have a designated meeting spot? What if your neighborhood is evacuated? It’s […]

During the storm

Dangers of Electricity

Following a hurricane, electrical equipment, downed power lines and household wiring can all pose potential hazards if not dealt with properly. Here’s how to safely contend with such problems.

After the storm

Post Hurricane Health & Safety concerns

In the aftermath of a hurricane, there are a number of health and safety concerns to look out for. To ensure your safety after a storm, remember these important points. Health Care Hospitals and medical facilities may operate only a limited basis if they’ve sustained structural damage or loss of power. Mobile health units may […]

After the Storm

Though the storm may have passed, many dangers can remain in its wake. During this clean-up and repair period, your primary focus should be on keeping yourself safe, as well as ensuring that your family, friends, neighbors and emergency workers also remain safe.