Project development study to begin on San Carlos Boulevard


FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla.- Traffic is a sure sign that season is underway on Fort Myers Beach, and we all know the road to get there can be a traffic nightmare. It’s your money and WINK News is learning the Florida Department of Transportation will spend it on a project development study on San Carlos Boulevard.

We’re talking about the area from Summerlin Road to Estero Boulevard. This will be the 33rd time the area has been studied and this time it’s going to cost $1.1 million dollars. But, FDOT says their study will be different than the others.

“It’s pretty bad, it’s kind of like being trapped,” said Jessi Rex.

During season, the San Carlos Boulevard corridor is normally bumper to bumper, as far as the eye can see.

“If you want to drive, you’re stuck in it, or you have to leave early in the morning,” said Rex.

FDOT will soon begin a two year, $1.1 million project development study, that will look into how to make traveling to and from Fort Myers Beach less of a headache for everyone.

“I first came to Fort Myers Beach when I was 18, I remember the traffic, and it’s been almost 10 years now,” Rex told WINK News.

The results collected from the study will be used for multiple projects in the future, not just a single project.

“We will be evaluating options, ideas, and come up with proposed future projects, for everyone getting on and off Fort Myers Beach,” said Debbie Tower with FDOT.

This is being called survey number 33, but FDOT has not been the sole department behind the first 32. The county, and the beach have conducted studies.

“It sounds like a waste of money, I wonder how much the other studies cost.”

“If it’s going to be the 33rd time, that does seem a little alarming, but if it’s a study that will be more impactful, then I’m all for it,” said John Shaw with RAL Resort Property Management.

It will focus heavily on public involvement.

There needs to be another bridge or a boat ferry that takes people across, I don’t know if you can do that here but there needs to be another way.”

John Shaw works at RAL Resort Property Management on San Carlos Boulevard, just before the fire station.

“Just before Christmas, I got off Summerlin to come here, which takes about a mile worth of distance, it took me 40 minutes to get here.”

The study is scheduled to begin at the end of march. FDOT will be setting up a kick off meeting for the public to attend. They will also launch a website for public comment, and so you can track the study’s progress.

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