Video of LCSO deputy’s response to IHOP fight going viral


FORT MYERS, Fla. A video of Lee County Sheriff’s Office deputies responding to a fight at an IHOP restaurant on Sunday is going viral due to how one deputy responded to the situation.

Two deputies were gaining control of the scene after two women were fighting at the IHOP on U.S. 41 when an unidentified sergeant walked into the restaurant with his Taser in hand and started screaming commands.

Rick Martinez, who recorded the video, says the sergeant’s actions was warranted.

“For him to take control that way, I think it definitely needed to happen because again it just didn’t seem like it was under control enough,” he said.

Police tactics expert David Grossi pointed out that no unnecessary physical force was used and that the deputies were outnumbered – although he said the sergeant’s language was not appropriate.

“The operative word in law enforcement is force…and it’s not pretty to watch but it’s necessary when you’re dealing with individuals who don’t respond to verbal commands,” he said. “I think that’s what made people feel a little queasy, because he dropped the F-bomb. They are like ‘oh my God, he is using high levels of force, unnecessary force.’ Well the language, yes, was inappropriate but that’s all it was, was language.”

The sheriff’s office, when asked whether the deputy followed procedure, sent the following response:

“Our units were called and responded to a very unstable situation that was turning more and more violent. Soon after our arrival we took and maintained control of the situation.”

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