Impassable roads causing trouble for SWFL emergency personnel

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The amount of rain falling on SWFL is making it difficult for emergency crews to get to people in need.

Torn up sections of roads are leaving puddles of standing water. And Neighbors say all of that mud that results from the rain is causing drivers’ tires to get stuck as well.

Bill and Virginia Braddock say they haven’t gotten their mail for days because the mail truck kept getting stuck when it tried to drive through. But even more concerning, when Bill fell inside the home on Friday and needed an ambulance, the EMTs couldn’t get through either.

“He has a bad heart. And if he would have had a heart attack, he would have died before anyone could have gotten him out of here. So the city should do something. If they’re going to do this, they should be able to get it done. And get the roads working. Because it’s all closed up. You can’t get in and out of here. It’s bad,” Braddock said.

The couple says emergency personnel had to pick Bill up in an SUV and drive him to the ambulance that was waiting down the block on higher ground. Luckily, he only had minor injuries.

But concerns about other emergencies persist as the rain continues to fall.

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