Community supports family of fallen Miccosukee police officer

Reporter: Anika Henanger
Photo by WINK News.

The family of an off-duty police officer, who was killed in a crash, received community support. Organizers spent days putting together the Barbeque and Boats fundraiser for the family of Miccosukee Police Officer Steven Greco.

The Fallen Officers, Robert L. Zore Foundation told WINK News every dollar raised at the event went toward Greco’s family. And they broke their goal, raising $3,500 Sunday.

“His wife was pregnant with their first child, and she actually just had the baby last night, a little girl.”

Greco was killed in a wrong-way crash on I-75 in West Broward in February.

“They spend a lot of time away from their families to help take care of us,” said Susan Wright, mother of a police officer. “So we need to help take care of them, especially at a time like this.”

Wright said her daughter worked with Greco.

“Loved him as a friend and fellow officer,” Wright said.

According to Florida Highway Patrol, Greco died in a wrong-way collision off Alligator Alley.

Friends said Greco’s wife was nine-months pregnant.

“I don’t think people realize how much support they actually need because it’s going to be a lifetime for this child,” Wright said.

The baby girl was born Saturday night.

“When she grows up and she’s told about this, hopefully it will touch her heart,” said Rosemary Zore of Fallen Officers foundation.

Zore, who lost her father while he was in the line of duty, founded Fallen Officers for those who lost their family members in the line of duty. She helped at the fundraiser for Greco’s family.

Local law enforcement showed up in full support.

”So my boys are coming down; we’re all going to participate and have a hot dog and hamburger and support the family,” said Sg.t Brian Wiedel with Collier County Sheriff’s Office.

Public servants who attended know what it means to help community members in need.

“To have the community support is absolutely critical,” said Lieutenant Kevin Nelmes with Greater Naples Fire Rescue District. “It’s the people we serve.”

“If we don’t help these people out who protect our freedom and safety every day, we can’t go boating; we can’t go golfing; we can’t go fishing ; we can’t do things and feel safe,” said Michael Randall with the Robert L. Zore Foundation.


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