Cape Coral adding more street lights at bus stops and major intersections

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Cape Coral street lights. Photo via WINK News

Cape Coral looks to add more street lights at bus stops and busy intersections to help provide more safety to pedestrians and students heading to school.

As of now, there are multiple bus stops and intersections that are under lit, and that can often make it difficult for drivers to see when making their early morning and nightly commutes.

Since 2015, Cape Coral has budgeted $100,000 a year, specifically meant for street lights, and in the process they enhanced safety and visibility at more than 400 local bus stops.

Now they have moved into the second phase of safety, and are focusing on major roads and intersections.

The city will prioritize the more dangerous intersections, based on traffic volume, the number of night time crashes, and the existing street lights.

“You have some locations that may have had one light, well we are going ahead and fully lighting those now…you had some that had none so we want to get those added as well,” said Cape Coral Traffic Engineer, Bill Corbett.

Residents who live near busy intersections like the one at Vincennes and Coronado say the recent time change has made the lighting more critical.

“I don’t think there’s a person down here that goes 35 mph, so yeah the lights would help show off the kids a lot more,” said Glenn Bosworth.

The city say they are on track to finish lighting the major intersections on their list by 2020.

The city also asks you to make a request if you think your street could use a street light. You can submit your request here.




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