Tips to keep your yard debris out of the water systems in SWFL

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A new report shows that runoff is a major source of contaminants in the water systems  and can contribute to the water crisis like we experienced in 2018.

The chemicals you put into your yard leaks into the water ways through drainage pipes whenever it rains.

Now the county is investing a quarter million dollars into teaching residents how to take care of your yard in a way that won’t have a negative impact on the water.

To begin, Lee County is trying to raise awareness by posting signs around town that say “Don’t feed the monster”, and there is also a plan to meet with the Lee County Department of Natural Resources before Friday and by next month you can expect to see ads popping up on social media, TV, and even in your mailbox.

In Lee County, fertilizers with certain amounts of phosphorous and nitrogen are banned from October.

If you are caught fertilizing during the summer it could lead to a fine if you don’t follow the guidelines.

To view the full list of tips to properly take care of your lawn in a way that doesn’t affect the water systems, visit the Fertilize Smart website here.



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