Sheriff’s office puts Charlotte County domestic abusers on notice

Reporter: Gina Tomlinson
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Domestic violence illustration. (Credit: MGN)
Domestic violence illustration. (Credit: MGN)

Some letters went out in Charlotte County to anyone accused of domestic violence. They say the smallest complaint against them will land him or her in jail. But one woman who used to work with the survivors said there could be a downfall to the new plan.

Domestic violence is a crime Linda Lusk knows is dangerous and happens all too often in the homes of families. Lusk works at the Center for Abuse and Rape Emergencies, helping victims of domestic violence find a safe escape.

”That whole reaction that the public makes about just leave, thats when the bad things happen,” Lusk said. “That’s when abusers kill.”

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office is warning offenders that one more incident could land them in jail and they are watched even more closely now.

”The letters could make things more difficult for the people that are living in that situation,” Lusk said, “because those letters are probably going to make the perpetrators angry too.”

Advocates working to stop domestic violence said the crime happens everywhere and that is why local resources like CARE want to help.

Samantha Chandler hopes the letters are enough warning and protect more people and families from becoming victims.

”If they know they’re being watched,” Chandler said, “they are probably going to be less likely to do anything like that to families.”

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