Gifts for kids that won’t clutter a closet

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Are you tired of spending money on toys that just end up broken, or in the back of a closet?

Personal finance expert Kimberly Palmer with Nerdwallet says giving gifts that aren’t toys can be a really good way to talk about money.

Contributing to a child’s college savings account, or 529, is one good example.

And teaching a child about investments and the stock market could be as simple as buying them fractional stock shares.

“There’s a really great app called Stockpile and it basically lets you buy fractional shares into companies. So with just $5 dollar, $10, you can buy just a small part of a company and it’s a way to learn how the stock market works.”

Palmer adds the key to success with these gifts is staying organized. Either keep something like a Google Doc or a physical file with contributions or passwords to accounts to help keep track of all those investments.

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