State attorney says Golden Gate Estates shooting falls under stand your ground laws

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State prosecutors won’t press charges in a road rage shooting that killed a man. They say it was justified under state law.

Back in March 2019, David Norgard was shot and killed along 16th Ave SW and 23rd St SW in Golden Gate Estates, and his shooter is not going to be prosecuted by the State.

Office of the State Attorney 20th Judicial Circuit said it will not pursue the accused gunman who killed Norgard because the shooting falls within stand your ground laws under Florida Statutes.

Many drivers we spoke to say road rage is a real worry for them while they are driving. They also say there is a fine line when it comes to the stand your ground law.

“It’s almost out of control,” said Robert Davis in Naples. “I see it every time I’m out on the road. Rage is everywhere I go.”

Davis believes it’s only getting worse

“It’s a very fine line that you’re crossing right there,” Davis said. “And there’s no going back once you pull that trigger.”

The police report states the shooter said it started when he noticed a green car driving too close to him. Norgard got out of his car to confront him. Then, the shooter pulled out his gun and shot Norgard twice because he said he felt threatened.

Some say they think the law is giving people an excuse to pull out their guns.

“They are made to kill people,” Fernando Ode said. “I don’t think you have to show your guns to show your power.”

While others say they think more people just need to be educated on what the law really means.

“Several different rights you got to be paying attention to,” Davis said. “You got to follow that law carefully, or you’re going to find yourself in more trouble than you can handle.”

Florida Statutes says Floridians can use a weapon if they feel threatened on their property, and it includes vehicles.

In this case, the report states the shooter was still in his car. His name is protected by Marsy’s Law.

We spoke to Norgard’s family to see how they felt about the case, but they said they are not ready to share comments at this time.

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