SWFL resident can’t get unemployment checks to stop coming after finding work again

Reporter: Nicole Lauren
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More than a million Floridians have applied for unemployment benefits since mid-march and many have gotten through—but others have tried for weeks and have gotten nothing.

One man is experiencing a problem you have not heard with the troubled system.

Rick Baker is back to work but his unemployment checks are still being deposited into his bank account.

“There’s no way to stop it. I’ve sent emails I’ve tried to get on the site several times just to double-check if I can request benefits again to make it stop,” said Baker.

We pressed the state for answers and they said if this happens to Call 1-833-fl apply.

Also, void any checks you received after returning to work or pay it back by check, money order, or online via credit card.

And CFA’s warning— make sure you don’t touch the money.

“You can put it in a savings account and draw very little interest I guess they would receive some interest… That may be safer for a lot of people. Otherwise, if they have any discipline it doesn’t really matter where they put it as long as they don’t spend it,” said Charles Massie, of Massie & Reilly’s CPA.

And while some people are getting overpaid, others are still struggling to file for unemployment.

“It annoys me because I’m struggling and I’ve got a family I’ve got to worry about,” said Naples resident Christina Ohleyer.

With site troubles and a lack of communication, many aren’t seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

“As many times as I broke down and cried, I’m at the point where I’ve hit a wall and I just don’t know how to get out of it,” said Ohleyer.

On Tuesday the state revealed one reason why so many people are having trouble logging into the site— they intentionally limit how many users can connect at one time.

The Department of Economic Opportunity recommends trying at off-peak times in the evening.

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