Exclusive: WINK News one-on-one with Donald Trump Jr

Reporter: Morgan Rynor Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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Donald Trump Jr. Credit: via WINK News.

In an exclusive interview with Donald Trump Jr., WINK News spoke to the president’s oldest son about his father’s treatment for coronavirus as well as other issues leading up to the election in November, including Florida’s impact.

The Trump campaign is already looking to return to Florida in the near future, as President Donald Trump recovers from COVID-19. We spoke to Donald Jr. about how the Trump campaign is faring in the Sunshine State and what the game changer could be.

Transcript from interview with Donald Trump Jr.:

Reporter Morgan Rynor: You … are now stepping into a more important role. What is the message that your father has shared with you, as you continue to take over his campaign?

Donald Jr.: It’s delivering that message. That message of success. Donald Trump built the strongest economy America has ever known. Donald Trump our forward the first step act and prison reform. Donald Trump got leave deals done. Multiple. Three in the Middle East. You know that’s one of those things we heard about for our entire lives. No one has actually gotten it done.

Morgan: You mentioned winning Florida. What’s critical to win Florida here is the Latino vote, so how important is that to you guys.

Donald Jr.: I think, you know, if you look at the Latino vote, I think we have incredible support there. Much more than we did in [2016]. I was really disappointed this past Saturday. I was supposed to be down there. I was actually doing a bus tour all over Florida starting up in Tampa, Orlando and Miami with Jorge Masnaval, the UFC fighter.

The event is canceled for now, but Donald Trump Jr. told us he’s hoping there’s time to reschedule.

Donald Trump Jr confident in the president’s recovery from COVID-19

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