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Exclusive: WINK News one-on-one with Donald Trump Jr

Reporter: Morgan Rynor Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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In an exclusive interview with Donald Trump Jr., WINK News spoke to the president’s oldest son about his father’s treatment for coronavirus as well as other issues leading up to the election in November, including Florida’s impact.

The Trump campaign is already looking to return to Florida in the near future, as President Donald Trump recovers from COVID-19. We spoke to Donald Jr. about how the Trump campaign is faring in the Sunshine State and what the game changer could be.

Transcript from interview with Donald Trump Jr.:

Reporter Morgan Rynor: You … are now stepping into a more important role. What is the message that your father has shared with you, as you continue to take over his campaign?

Donald Jr.: It’s delivering that message. That message of success. Donald Trump built the strongest economy America has ever known. Donald Trump our forward the first step act and prison reform. Donald Trump got leave deals done. Multiple. Three in the Middle East. You know that’s one of those things we heard about for our entire lives. No one has actually gotten it done.

Morgan: You mentioned winning Florida. What’s critical to win Florida here is the Latino vote, so how important is that to you guys.

Donald Jr.: I think, you know, if you look at the Latino vote, I think we have incredible support there. Much more than we did in [2016]. I was really disappointed this past Saturday. I was supposed to be down there. I was actually doing a bus tour all over Florida starting up in Tampa, Orlando and Miami with Jorge Masnaval, the UFC fighter.

The event is canceled for now, but Donald Trump Jr. told us he’s hoping there’s time to reschedule.

Donald Trump Jr confident in the president’s recovery from COVID-19

We spoke to Donald Trump Jr. , as his father, President Donald Trump, announced he would return to the White House after his hospital stay.

Trump Jr. told WINK News it’s been tough to talk to the president recently, since he has been busier than ever working the phones.

One of the medications the president is taking is typically given to patients who are on the sicker side, so we asked Trump Jr. Why the president was given this treatment.

Transcript from interview with Donald Trump Jr.:

Reporter Morgan Rynor: I’ll start by asking you how your father is doing today?

Donald Jr.: I don’t think he’s that sick. He’s obviously got it, I think he’s got to take it very seriously. He’s the leader of the free world. And so you know they’re taking an abundance of caution as they probably should.

Morgan: Some of the medicine that he has been given, it’s what? Dexamethasone? Sounds like it’s pretty serious. That’s something you give to someone who’s not just feeling mild symptoms.

Donald Jr.: He’s not just going say, ‘Hey, this is something the American people should take,’ and not be willing to take himself. So a big push for him has always been developing therapeutics.

Morgan: Does your father after all of this, regret some of his actions? Maybe regrets talking down the virus?

Donald Jr.: There’s some things you can’t do anything about that you do have to actually be able to live life. You have to be able to do his job as the president of the United States. You can’t do that from the bunker hidden in the middle of nowhere forever.

Morgan: Let’s bring it back to that moment in the debate, which was a week ago, when he said he doesn’t wear a mask like Joe Biden does. What kind of message does that send to the American people?

Donald Jr.: He does wear a mask, but I think his point was he doesn’t wear a mask if he’s a hundred yards away from the next nearest person.

Morgan: Your father had plans to come down here to Florida, obviously a key battleground state. So how do you take over that and stay on top of such an important state?

Donald Jr.: Well, listen. We’ll do what we can. I’ve been all over Florida myself. You know, obviously, there’s nothing quite like an in-person Donald Trump rally.

Donald Trump Jr. told us, as soon as he tests negative for COVID-19 again, he will visit Florida.