Cow seen roaming around a Lehigh Acres neighborhood finally caught

Reporter: Taylor Petras Writer: Drew Hill
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Cow roaming in Lehigh Acres

A nuisance animal found roaming around in Lehigh Acres for a month has finally been caught.

No one is allowed to have livestock in the area, yet these neighbors have seen a mysterious cow helping themselves to their gardens for four weeks.

Mary Pasetti says she’s seen plenty of wildlife outside her home in Lehigh. “There are a lot of wild pigs, raccoons, possum, black bears, but we had never had a cow out here before,” Pasetti said.

She caught the cow on camera helping herself to a midnight snack in her yard.

“No fruit. It was full of fruit before,” Pasetti said. “We’ve got very few little star fruit left on this tree.”

But she didn’t stop at fruit, she was eating flowers as well. “Out of the corner of my eye I just happened to turn my head and this thing went racing by me,” said John. “It was eating the flowers. We actually had to barricade the garden because it was getting in the garden and eating all the plants.”

Even the fences and makeshift barricades couldn’t keep the cow away. Today, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office and men on horses were finally able to catch it.

“It was just amazing because this cow has been around and okay, it’s a nuisance, but here are all these people and the dogs and I thought holy cow!” Pasetti exclaimed.

No pun intended, of course, but Pasetti is pleased the cow was captured. “This wasn’t a dangerous cow but certainly a nuisance cow,” she said.

So luckily for Mary, her backyard is no longer a pasture. “I am really relieved. I do use fertilizer on my garden but I don’t need the amount that they were leaving,” said Pasetti.

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