Southwest Florida family grateful to spend Thanksgiving with 9-month-old after he survived COVID-19

Reporter: Anika Henanger Writer: Drew Hill
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Aubrey was one of the youngest COVID-19 patients back in April. He was hospitalized but pulled through and was able to celebrate his first Thanksgiving.

Mom, dad and baby recovered from COVID-19 together. They say the most important thing about Thanksgiving is doing the most to keep the family healthy so they can enjoy more in the future.

This year it’s a telephone, not turkey that is bringing Ashley Flores’ family together. “At least were still eating the same meal and we’re on FaceTime together so we feel like we’re with each other,” said Flores.

When WINK News caught up with Ashley, she had just finished cooking the food she was going to bring to her mom and dad.

“Bring her the dishes I made, get the dishes she made, then we’re going to come back and FaceTime,” Flores said.

Sure, for Flores it’s one dinner. So it isn’t worth the risk of contracting coronavirus. In March, seven-week-old, Aubrey tested positive for COVID-19 as did mom and dad.

“It does kind of leave a lot of fear in me. because of what we went through, I am terrified to go through that again. Or to see anybody close to me go through that again,” said Flores.

And of course, this year leaves so much to worry about. But, now nine-month-old Aubrey reminds us all of how much we have to be thankful for.

“He has two teeth now. He’s growing, he’s eating way more solid foods now. He says mama doesn’t say data, but he’s growing,” Ashley said. “He loves… we have another daughter so he loves playing with her, and he’s just fascinated by her. So he’s a happy healthy, funny baby.”

Of course, it isn’t easy seeing grandma and grandpa through a screen. Not able to hug them and they can’t hold the baby. But Ashley knows that she has to do what’s best and safest for her family.

“It’s more important to me and us that they’re safe and we’re safe than to just spend one night together having dinner,” she said.

This year’s dinner just tastes…bittersweet.

“It’s much more important to know that in the long run, will have more Thanksgivings together years from now,” said Flores.

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