City of Naples may have a solution to parking problems

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Naples parking

There’s a need to clear up parking issues in Naples. Luckily, the city recently revealed its plan and it could help businesses as well. But, not everyone is on board.

Heidi Inman owns Georgie’s in the Naples Design District. “It’s a family business we’ve had it for almost 43 years,” Inman said.

She grew up in Naples and has seen a considerable amount of changes. “Over the past two years here alone we’ve seen a ton of residential go in,” Inman said. “So expansion is upon us expansion is inevitable and I expect it to keep growing here.”

A growing community means growing parking concerns. “Of course with expansion and growth anywhere there’s going to be parking issues,” she said.

In an effort to address that, the City of Naples is working on a possible plan to add a parking garage at the corner of 1st Avenue South and 12th St North.

Kristen Coury is the CEO of Gulfshore Playhouse. “The Southeast quadrant of the CRA district which is that district is just popping and is going to pop. The need for parking is great,” Coury said.

Their hope is that it will help alleviate the parking concerns in areas like Bayfront, Tin City, Baker Park and The Design District.

“It seemed like a win-win for everyone,” said Coury.

Several people so far have come out in support of the project today in front of the Community Development Agency.

“Let’s build the garage where we’re familiar within the city,” Coury said.

But some business owners, like Inman aren’t completely convinced that this is the way to go.

“To put a parking garage in an area where we are highly seasonal, and that parking garage is likely to stay empty 3/4 of the year or less to me is that good use of the land? I’m not entirely sure it is,” she said.

So now, it’s up to city leaders to decide how they’ll push forward.

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