Keys to success in getting a COVID-19 vaccine appointment

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Those managing the system or those who have managed to get those coveted vaccine appointments have a message for you: There is no special trick or secret to getting an appointment. So what is the key to success?

What we do know is that the appointment system is technical, so the important thing is having the right tools, knowing those tools work well, and that you use them right away.

As you’ve seen, getting a vaccine appointment can feel like a virtual game, which is why everyone wants to at least know they’re playing their cards right.

WINK News asked everyone involved and those who have been lucky enough to score an appointment how they did it.

“It’s simply being persistent not only about getting through but making sure your details right and that you get the confirmation,” said Janet Sailian of Fort Myers Beach.

For Publix and Eventbrite, get on the fastest Wi-Fi or internet connection you can. As for which internet browser to choose, Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge work the best.

“If you’re using an iPad or an old computer and you’re trying to do the login thing, it’s too slow,” said Brent Williamson of Sanibel.

Another tip? 6 a.m. means 6 a.m. For example, if you go to the Publix website too early and try to click it at 6 a.m., the page will refresh. What you should try to do is type in the web address at 6 a.m. and then open the page.

On Collier County’s Eventbrite page, refresh the page to see the new openings. But on the Publix site, don’t do that or you’ll lose your place in line.

In Lee County, pay attention to the ever-changing appointment systems. They’ve switched to the state’s pre-registration system.

“It’s important not to despair, and if you have techie friends or relatives, get them to help you,” Sailian said.

You or your loved ones can do that by going online to or by calling (866) 200-3468.

You only get to talk to a real person once you get a callback, however.

“So ‘hang in there’ is my biggest piece of advice,” said Sailian.

The most common piece of advice those who have gotten through have given is that if you have the resources and time to get through, help someone else.

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