SWFL newborns star in Super Bowl commercial

Reporter: Nicole Gabe Writer: Jackie Winchester
Khloe Elizabeth Goodson (Credit: Courtesy of the Goodson family)

Two babies born in Lee County made their debut in a Super Bowl commercial.

It was a surprise the parents learned about right after the births: Their child’s birthday would be documented for millions of viewers to see.

The game itself may not have lived up to the hype, but Khloe and Emmett sure did. Born Super Bowl Sunday morning, in a commercial Super Bowl Sunday night.

Khloe is Brittany Goodson’s first, and the new mom from Cape Coral never expected she’d given birth to a celebrity.

“Her first due date was my birthday, which was the 4th, and the second due date was pretty much going to be a Valentine’s baby, so she was like I don’t want either of those. I think I’ll just take my own and I’ll do the Super Bowl thing. She called it and she did it,” Goodson said.

“She was on my stomach and all the nurses were like oh, you made the cutoff. Hurry up! Pictures! Hurry up! We gotta write Huggies!”

The cutoff was 7 a.m. in order to be in the commercial. Khloe entered the world at 5:44 a.m.

“It was just her who said I’m coming out on time, I want to be on that commercial. It had nothing to do with me or her dad. It was all her,” Goodson said.

Khloe Elizabeth Goodson will forever be a Huggies baby, just like her parents will forever be Tom Brady fans.

“It was a shocking moment for my husband and I. Especially seeing how important the Super Bowl was to my husband because Tom Brady is his man.”

Their man won the game while their little girl won the hearts of millions.

“She’s definitely somebody I wanted to share with the world, and at this point, my husband and I shared her with pretty much the entire world.”

Huggies invited 10 hospitals from around the country to participate in the commercial.

Goodson said they’ll get a year’s supply of diapers and baby gear.

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