Regal Cinema at Bell Tower reopens this weekend

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Beginning Friday, you can head back to the movies with your friends, family or significant other in south Fort Myers. One movie chain is starting to reopen its doors.

Seeing people at the movies seems like a scene straight out of 2019. People heading to an actual movie theater, getting popcorn and drinks and preparing to watch a film.

But, in reality, it was from Friday afternoon.

The Regal Cinema location at Bell Tower dusted off its seats this weekend and opened its door allowing moviegoers in for the first time since the pandemic began.

These aren’t re-showings either, Regal is showing all first-run films. Which is exciting for moviegoers.

This is also a good opportunity for employees who’ve spent the last year at home. They came back to work for the first time just a few days ago to make sure everything was ready for reopening.

Wade Harmon is one movie lover that was counting the days until theaters reopened. “We were here for almost the very last showing before it all closed down. Been watching the calendar, waiting for it to open and we’re here. We’re so excited!” Harmon said.

Regina Barnett has a Regal Membership card. Last year, it didn’t do her much good. But today, it worked for her.

“Very excited, into everybody walking in and I’m like ‘woo hoo!’ We’re so happy because I am [a] movie nut,” Barnett said.

Barnett plans to resume her routine of seeing one movie per week immediately.

“You always knew on the weekends you were going to go to the movies and then you couldn’t,” Barnett said.

Masks are being worn. There are signs up reminding people to social distance. You see staff disinfecting non-stop.

Harmon says he feels safe in this enclosed space because of all the changes.

“Come on out, getting the tickets is easy, assigned seats, social distancing still. It’s a great venue, all over the county get back to the movies,” Harmon said.

When you come to this theater to buy your tickets, you can pick your seats. They aren’t doing pod seating but seats are marked off to make sure there’s social distancing.

Regal Cinema at Bell Tower will operate on their normal schedule.

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