Barking dogs scare a would-be robbery away from a Cape Coral home

Reporter: Gail Levy Writer: Matthew Seaver
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Ring camera image of the man trying to break into a Cape Coral home.

A Cape Coral family is thankful for their furry friends after a man breaking into their home was scared away by barking in the middle of the night.

Surveillance video from the family’s home shows the man attempting to break in.

He slowly slides the door open but doesn’t get very far before he is met by growling and barking dogs.

“It wasn’t until the dogs barked that we knew like something was up. And then he shot up,” said Lauren Schaech.

The couple shot up and saw nothing, but they knew the bark from their two ferocious pups meant something serious.

That’s when they checked the camera. “It’s super creepy. You see like the gray hoodie the back of him and being like super sneaky and, and quiet. You can tell he’s trying to be quiet,” said Schaech.

The pets of the house weren’t going to let this stranger in.

Cameron Pierce said, “it’s better than any door chime or anything like that.”

What these adorable furry faces of the couple’s pets can’t do, is bring back the family’s sense of security.

“I was angry. I was mad. Because I have questions.” Schaech said, “It’s like were you here to steal something? Were you here to hurt someone? Were you going to take my daughter was this like there’s so much that could have happened in that situation?”

Now, they are doing everything to make sure a situation like that doesn’t happen again.

Schaech said, “now we have the stopper on both sides and the alarm system set on both sides.”

The family says there are prepared, so they aren’t caught off guard again.

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