Could Rick Scott be preparing a presidential run?

Reporter: Sydney Persing
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A Florida senator going against the president.

That’s what it looks like after Sen. Rick Scott targeted President Joe Biden on inflation during a press briefing this week.

On top of that, Scott, R-Naples, former Florida governor, released a national ad campaign.

It’s the middle of May 2022 and Scott appears to be getting ready to run for president.

The new ad campaign touts his 11-point “Rescue American” plan.

The plan would require all Americans to pay some income tax and sunset social security and medicare.

It’s not very popular but Scott is using that to his advantage.

“I’ve got a plan to rescue our country. Washington hates it. That’s how you know it’s good,” the ad campaign says.

To a lot of Republican voters, that’s probably a good thing, said UCF Political Scientist Aubrey Jewett.

Scott boosts himself up by putting Biden down.

Former President Donald Trump and Gov. Ron DeSantis are pegged as primary front-runners, but Jewett said not to count Scott down.

“There’s a lot of other republicans that would be competitive and Gov. Scott, now Sen. Scott would be one of them,” Jewett said. “He’s got a good track record of winning.”

Jewett said he thinks Scott will run for president if Trump sits it out. If Trump runs, Jewett said the chances drop to 50-50.

Scott is the richest person in the senate and he’s unafraid to point his finger at Biden.

“I mean, it would be, it would be a nice, I think it would be nice for the country. And if we could reduce the level of tension if we could reduce the level of shouting back and forth and politics. But bottom line is, there’s a lot of evidence that it works,” Jewett said.

Meanwhile, Biden’s approval rating is low, so he can’t afford to not fight back, Jewett said.

It’s an escalation between Scott and Biden is a back and forth that’s gone on between the two politicians for months over inflation and taxes.

“He took no responsibility and has no plan,” Scott said.

Biden said: “I can’t believe the majority of Republicans buy into Scott’s plan.”

“It’s been a very antagonistic relationship between Senator Scott and President Biden,” Jewett said.

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