Fake pest control duo hitting Southwest Florida homes

Reporter: Justin Kase Writer: Paul Dolan
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Fake pest control duo with sticky fingers hit Cape Coral homes. (CREDIT: WINK News)

A duo posing as pest control workers could face felony grand theft charges in Cape Coral.

Maysha Nash, who was targeted by the thieves, says they got away with between $1,500 to $2,000 dollars worth of jewelry. She said she feels awful that she trusted them and even worse that valuable family heirlooms were snatched from her condo.

“I feel a little stupid at times when I think about letting them in,” Nash says.

Nash blames herself for letting the suspected thieves into her home. Also, adding that they were disguised as pest control workers.

“This one said our association had changed the pest control company and they were knocking on everybody’s door,” Nash says.

Police are warning about thefts like this saying one person will typically distract the person living in the home while the other steals cash or jewelry.

“I’m watching her in the kitchen,” Nash says. “And all of the sudden I look up and I see that the bedroom door is closed.”

Nash walked into her bedroom and saw the man in her bathroom pretending to spray under the sink. Nash knew something wasn’t right when the two left and got into this black SUV which didn’t have a logo or company name on it.

Later, she realized her priceless heirlooms were missing.

“I also feel a sentimental attachment to the jewelry that I had,” Nash explained. “Some of it was my mother’s and I was going to pass it down to my children, of course.”

Cape Coral police want to remind you to always call your HOA or the company providing the service before letting them in to make sure they are who they say they are. And you can always call the non-emergency police number to verify the person coming through your door.

Brandon Sancho, a public affairs officer for the Cape Coral Police Department, says “We’ll come on-site and we’ll run that person, we’ll verify that they’re actually from that company. And if they’re not, they’ll probably leave before we get there.”

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