Making Ends Meet: How Florida residents can get discounts

Reporter: Andryanna Sheppard
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Inflation is making it tough to plan summer vacations.

And Floridians are skipping out in order to save money.

A Gulfshore Business poll found about 60% of people surveyed are staying put this summer but would consider a staycation close to home.

CBS News’ travel editor Peter Greenberg said inflation won’t stop people from exploring but it may cause them to cut back.

“What we will deny is maybe an extra night out on the restaurants, an extra article of clothing, a new car, perhaps even a used car. But we’re going to get through this summer, we’re going to somehow find a way to travel,” Greenberg said.

That’s what Marci Michalski plans on doing.

She moved to Florida three weeks ago and is now a Florida resident. She is ready to see what the state has to offer.

“I’m just going to explore Florida,” Michalski said.

With prices everywhere at 40-year highs, Michalski will have to shell out some extra dough.

But as a Floridian, Michalski could see some parts of Florida with discounts.

Theme parks offer them with a Florida ID and so do some hotels.

“Every little bit helps,” Michalski said.

Finding Florida deals, including some in Southwest Florida, is as simple as going to the Visit Florida website and heading to the deals section.

But Greenberg recommends booking as early as you can or else you might not find a place to sleep.

“Hotels that are coming back are capping their occupancy at 60% not because they can’t sell the other 40% of the rooms, but because they don’t have the staff to support it,” Greenberg said. “Their actual rates are higher now than they were in 2019, providing less service and less occupancy.”

Michalski said she will check out the deals.

“Why not? Everyone should take advantage of that especially right now with the way times are,” she said.

Some of the hotels allow members to use their discounts on top of any of the Florida resident deals.

You can also check out AAA and the AARP but you must become a member for any discounts.

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