DoorDash driver identified as man seen taking photo outside Buckingham home

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DoorDash driver
DoorDash driver seen photographing a home in Buckingham. (Credit: Stacy Blumer)

A man landed on the radar of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office after taking a photo in front of a Buckingham home for his job.

It recently happened to a DoorDash driver who was dropping off an order. After an investigation, his name is cleared, but the damage was already done.

The photos of the man caused a frenzy on Southwest Florida social media. WINK News has blurred out his face.

DoorDash driver
DoorDash driver seen photographing a home in Buckingham. (Credit: Stacy Blumer)

“I felt rightfully scared for my house. But something had been happening or was about to,” said Stacy Blumer, the woman who posted the man’s photo on social media.

Blumer said she thought her Buckingham home was in danger.

“There are real estate scams out there that happen. I see it on the news all the time. And that’s what I was truly afraid of. And I wanted to I never said creeper. I said that there was a stranger on my house. And I want to know why,” said Blumer.

Blumer also called the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, and deputies began to investigate.

“On my community page, I said, ‘who is this?’ Put this picture. ‘Does anyone know who this is? He was wandering around my property. And my family is nervous. Do you know who this is? Please help me identify him,'” Blumer said.

The post took on a life of its own. People called him a creeper, a stalker, and said he should go to jail.

“If he wanted to make a claim for damages to his reputation as a result of this, he could,” said Jonathan Martin, an attorney with Aloia, Roland, Lubell & Morgan, PLLC.

Deputies determined the man was a DoorDash delivery driver who pulled up on his motorcycle to drop off fish food that the family ordered from Petco.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement, “Our detectives spent countless hours investigating this case. Upon completion of the investigation, it was determined a crime was not committed.”


Blumer says, in her defense, she’s never seen a DoorDash driver deliver fish food on a motorcycle. “He was wearing a T-shirt that had a tequila logo on it with a baseball cap and khaki shorts.”

Martin said, in his opinion, what the man in the photo is wearing doesn’t make any difference. If he wanted to sue anyone on social media he believed defamed him, he could because on social media, many people said he was a “Peeping Tom.”

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