Lehigh Acres community trapped by flooding from heavy rain

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Flooding on Green Meadows Road (CREDIT: WINK News)

A Lehigh Acres community was trapped by flooding from heavy rain this weekend.

The resident that live on or near Green Meadows Road says the flooding is a normal thing.

Von Deaton, resident on Green Meadows Road said, “it rained all night. And as we get up this morning, this is what we ran into about three and a half foot deep in some places 4 ft deep in other places. There’s other roads to turn off of Green Meadows Road, which is Willowbrook. Cantera, Richardson, and Milford, they’re all flooded all the way back anywhere from a foot to two and a half deep.”

The rain on Saturday night had cars lined up on Sunshine Boulevard and Florida State Road 82 waiting for trucks to tow the cars out of the flooding water.

Flooding on Green Meadows Road (CREDIT: WINK News)

Delana Schue, resident on Green Meadows Road said, “there’s been too much water in the last three or four days it so now it’s flowing. And it’s impassable by cars. And we’d love to have help with it. Because there’s plenty of people that were that live there that need to work. I work in a local school and I need to get to work tomorrow.”

WINK News sent an email to the Lee County government to ask if and when residents near this road would receive help during public safety emergencies.

Yolanda Lopez visited the area last night and is now waiting for a tow truck.

“We were trying to get out. When we were going in I didn’t think was that bad, but we weren’t. And it started raining more. Once we tried to get out, my car got stuck all the way over there. My boyfriend tried to get it out. We stayed there for like an hour or two until somebody came and helped us,” Lopez said.

Tow trucks, tractors, and anything that can get through the water came to help.

“I had to send them pictures of what it looks like. So I hope they’re able to fix this so I can get through this right now. No, I don’t think I can get through that,” Lopez said.

“This was completely covered all the way through. And you get someone I don’t know where the holes are. Then they just drive in and they’re stuck. You know, you get people live back here are friends that come and see someone they say, hey, stop it there. Oh, no, I’ll make it and then the next thing you know, they drive in and their cars suck. Because little cars like that don’t get it,” Deaton said.

WINK News reached out to the county asking if people there will get help. The county said they do assess public safety on private roads.

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