A woman, four cats, and five kittens rescued from house fire in Cape Coral

Writer: Paul Dolan
Firefighters on scene of a fire in Cape Coral. (CREDIT: CAPE CORAL FIRE)

The Cape Coral Fire Department, with aid from other fire departments, responded to a house on fire Monday evening.

According to the Cape Coral Fire Department, they received help from St. Cloud Fire Rescue Department, City of Cocoa Beach Fire, Canaveral Fire Rescue City/Port, Melbourne Fire Department, and Martin County Fire Rescue.

The fire was in the 200 block of SE 30th Street in Cape Coral.

The water and water pressure haven’t been the same since Hurricane Ian, therefore firefighters used what’s called a ‘water tender’ to fill the trucks with water to put out the fire.

Fire departments arrive at the scene of a fire in Cape Coral. (CREDIT: CAPE CORAL FIRE)

Water tenders are devices that are used to transport water for firefighters.

A woman, unfortunately, received superficial burns on her arms, hands, and face was later transported to get medical attention.

Smoke seen coming from the building that was on fire. (CREDIT: CAPE CORAL FIRE)

The woman is a cat foster who had four cats and five kittens in her home when the blazes broke out. Firefighters quickly made sure they got all of the cats and kittens out safely.

However, one of the felines suffered from smoke inhalation and was treated with oxygen that was administered from a special pet oxygen mask that firefighters carry.

A cat receiving oxygen for smoke inhalation. (CREDIT: CAPE CORAL FIRE)

A volunteer at the Cape Coral Animal Shelter is taking care of the cats and kittens.

A firefighter got transported for an evaluation for smoke inhalation, there is no word on what their status is as of Monday night.

While the cause is still under investigation, the Cape Coral Fire Department noted the fire started in or around the garage.

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