Cirque Italia has arrived at JetBlue Park with a ’50s theme

Reporter: Tiffany Rizzo Writer: Matthew Seaver

The circus is in town, and they are taking their show back to the 1950s, so get out your leather jackets and poodle skirts. It’s all happening at JetBlue Park under a white and blue big top tent.

Cirque Italia is a traveling water circus, so while there aren’t any animals, there is lots of water.

They also have performers from all over the world with a wide range of acts from trampoline antics, juggling, and even a wheel of death.

The circus travels the United States year-round.

WINK News spoke to a family in the show from Brazil. Alex Acero is a clown and ringmaster in Cirque Italia. His daughters are dancers.

Acero said this show is really families entertaining families. “We travel for the circus. I’m fourth-generation of circus performer. This is my fifth generation right here with me. So it’s a family show. I think [it] is one of the best parts of my act and my show and Circus Italia right here you see the people they, come in, they sit, like what I’m doing here and then after when the show started I started laughing and clapping and after the show, they come and hug you and say, ‘oh I love it. That’s amazing.’ So I think is awesome to make people forget about the problems, at least for two hours.”

The shows are being held in a white and blue big top tent at JetBlue Park through Sunday. You can get your tickets at the box office or online.

The circus will stop next in West Palm Beach.

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