Protecting your home and health from high heat temperatures

Writer: Rachel Murphy
Fort Myers
Fort Myers Beach. CREDIT: WINK News

Near-record high temperatures have been reported in Southwest Florida for the following week. Here are some tips to keep cool and safe.

How to turn your home into an igloo

Fans should not be relied on as a primary cooling device. Fans create airflow but do not reduce body temperatures or prevent heat-related illnesses.

Cover windows with drapes or shades to prevent heat from entering the house. Use weather strips on doors and windows. Window reflectors can also be used to reflect heat back outside (this is also useful for lowering AC bills!).

Attics can get sweltering during high temperatures. Fans and powered ventilators can help regulate the heat level of the attic.

People & pet protection

Never leave people or pets in a closed car.

Wear loose, lightweight and light-colored clothing. Hats that are wide enough can also be used to protect your face.

Use your oven less to reduce the temperature of your home.

Avoid high-energy activities or work outdoors, especially during the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Keep pet safety in mind! Asphalt and dark pavement can be hot against a pet’s paws. Make sure they also have plenty of cool water.

If you are using a mask, use one with breathable fabric such as cotton. Don’t wear a mask if you have trouble breathing or feel symptoms of overheating.

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