Near crash reveals more about dangers of State Road 31

Author: Jillian Haggerty
Published: Updated:

A car swerves out of the way and off the road as a truck hauler going in the other direction crosses the line to pass another semi-truck.

This near miss caught on camera drives home the thought that this road is way too dangerous and something needs to be done.

Here on WINK, we have told you time and time again about how dangerous State Road 31 can be for drivers, from going out there and seeing how fast people are traveling to asking those in power about how to prevent crashes and asking if there are any plans to widen the road.

Now, people say they have had enough, and we are getting a better idea of how the road is being patrolled.

On Friday, we learned about how often deputies in Charlotte County catch people going way faster than they should.

State Road 31 continues to cause chaos for drivers who are just trying to get to their destination safely, but many still see preventable crashes on the road or situations that can turn bad in the blink of an eye.

One driver we spoke with was in his Tesla and saw a tractor-trailer hauling cars coming straight at him in his lane. He said it could have ended deadly if he hadn’t pulled off the road.

Watch above for the full story.

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