Theft, high speed chase out of Mercato caught on video

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NORTH NAPLES, Fla.- A private investigator helped bust two thieves after he says his dash camera caught them stealing. The camera also recorded the high speed chase out of Mercato and down U.S. 41 that landed the duo in handcuffs.

Chris Knott, a private investigator with Naples Security Solutions, says he was at Mercato conducting surveillance on an unrelated case when he noticed the two suspects strange behavior.

“They seemed out of place,” said Knott. “Their driving pattern up and down the parking lot was peculiar. I also watched as they altered their car tag.”

Deputies say the duo stole more than $1,000 in handbags, wallets and make-up at the Mercato shopping center in North Naples. Collier County deputies arrested Nicolas Fedock and Christina Payne for the thefts.

Knott says Fedock first ran into Ulta while his accomplice sat in the car.

“I can see him twisting and contorting his body, pulling things out of his pants and handing them to the female,” said Knott of what he captured on video.

Knott also says he captured Fedock with a fist full of handbags in broad day light.

“It doesn’t surprise me, a lot more happens than people think. I hope this puts people on notice to be more aware of their surroundings.”

Knott didn’t just capture the thefts on video, he followed the car. It led him on a high speed chase with the suspect’s car darting in and out of traffic.

The chase only went on for about 5 miles, Knott and Collier County deputies were hot on the suspects’ trail.

During the chase, Knott says the suspect pulled over and Payne took off on foot near Arthrex.

Deputies continued to follow the car, pulling it over and arresting Fedock.

“He must of felt humiliated that he couldn’t get away,” said Knott. “He is not good at what he does.” Christina Payne was tracked down and identified near NCH.

Both Fedock and Payne are facing grand theft charges because a private investigator took interest and acted. “It ended well,” said Knott of the arrests.

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