Starbucks’ decision to hire refugees brews controversy on social media

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FORT MYERS, Fla. — Starbucks’ decision to hire 10,000 refugees over the next five years has sparked a nationwide debate on social media.

Dozens of tweets and statuses using the hashtag #BoycottStarbucks have been trending online over the last few days among those who oppose Starbucks’ decision, while those in favor of the move are using #DrinkStarbucks.

“If they’re doing it to get in Trump’s face and say we don’t like what you’re doing, then I’m against it and I will boycott for that reason because I think we need to stand behind our president,” said former Starbucks drinker Tom Bonus.

But others, like Grant Allen, don’t see a problem with the decision.

“I think that’s a little absurd — just because they pledged to hire 10,000 refugees shouldn’t change your opinion on a drink that you love,” he said.

Howard Schultz, the coffee retailer’s chairman and CEO, said in a letter to employees Sunday that the hiring would apply to stores worldwide and the effort would start in the United States, where the focus would be on hiring immigrants “who have served with U.S. troops as interpreters and support personnel,” the Associated Press reported.

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