Tips for reducing identity theft to keep yourself safe

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FORT MYERS, Fla. –  FEMA fraud is affecting people right here in Southwest Florida after Hurricane Irma, and the Equifax data breach affected millions nationwide.  The Identity Theft Institute at Hodges University has received many calls lately with people wondering how to protect themselves from identity theft.

The director of the Identity Theft Institute, Carrie Kerskie, joined us in studio to talk about how to keep your information safe.

Tips to reduce the risk of identity theft:

  1. Establish a credit freeze
  2. If unable to establish a freeze, place a fraud alert
  3. Set up MySSA account at (anyone over the age of 18 is elgible)
  4. Set up online access to accounts: bank, credit card and phone and use free alerts (prevents someone else from setting up the account on your behalf)
  5. Apply for IRS IP PIN at (Prevents IRS tax return and identity theft)

Freezing your credit:

There are three main credit bureaus to freeze your credit: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

Two other smaller credit bureaus you can use are: Innovis and NCTUE.



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