ISST Schroth Scoliosis camp in SWFL a one of a kind in the US

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More than four million children in the United States are living with scoliosis. But there’s renewed hope for them to feel like they’re not alone.

A first-of-its-kind, ISST Schroth Scoliosis camp, in Southwest Florida is allowing patients to get relief without costly surgery.

The camp kicked off in July in Naples and is also a first ever held in the U.S.

Seven-year-old Maya Wilson is the youngest patient in the camp, “It’s great at the camp, because I have lots of people to talk to.”

The camp uses a variety of stretches and breathing exercises to ease the pain.

She says, “I’m getting my back straighter using the corrective way.”

In normal patients, the spine is straight up in down, but in scoliosis patients, their spine is curved like an “S.”

Nikola Jevtic is the lead instructor, saying “After seven days, we had very good results. The best feeling is when I help somebody and somebody is happy because of this treatment.”

He brought the method from Europe where it’s been in practice for years.

Wilson came all the way from Georgia for this treatment. Something her grandfather says is a blessing.

And after several months of treatment, X-rays show the difference this method has made in his granddaughter’s back.

“I try to do my best on everything that I do” Maya said, something Maya’s determined to do when she gets home.

So surgery doesn’t have to be an option.

According to the camp’s website, the next sessions are only planned for Europe.

However, camp leaders say they plan to bring more opportunities for treatment to the U.S. soon.

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